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There’s no such thing as ‘just a button’


Dan always knew that he wanted to become a tailor. He always dreamed that he would own his own business providing quality clothing to discerning customers.

There was only one place he wanted to learned his craft and that was London’s famous Savile Row.

Like all young apprentices in the tailoring industry he started right at the bottom. He spent the first two years of his apprenticeship doing nothing but sewing on buttons, thousands and thousands of them.

After two years he was allowed to cut his first piece of material and over the years that followed learned every aspect of the garment making process from craftsmen with decades of experience.

I don’t think any other industry in the UK today trains its newcomers over such a duration and to such rigorous standards as the tailoring industry. It’s hardly surprising when it can take decades to build a reputation that tailoring companies are so passionate about instilling the processes, quality and service culture in their people. All these years later I still love buttons, making the right choice for each garment is a labour of love and I will never accept from anyone that ‘it’s just a button.

Today Ross Carrington Bespoke enjoys an impressive client list that includes many celebrities, directors of FTSE 100 companies, members from the finance, insurance and legal professions as well as a number of professional footballers. But, true to his Essex routes, whilst Ross Carrington Bespoke offers exclusivity in clothing Dan’s personal style is about being inclusive. There are no rules about becoming a Ross Carrington Bespoke client just the desire to own made to measure clothing and look the best you can be.

The first consultation with every client is conducted by Dan himself when he will discuss what you want, where you will wear it and determine your personal style. Dan will also make all the measurements so he knows the fit will be absolutely perfect.

Measure twice, cut once’ is the motto we live by. It’s essential that the garment fit is 95% perfect on the first fitting to build trust with our clients, our reputation depends on it. At the first fitting we should be just making tiny tweaks based upon what the client prefers because at the end of the day the client’s word is final.

At the end of the day a bespoke suit, shirt, coat or whatever the client buys is not just a luxury purchase it’s a fabulous investment in themselves that will last for many years to come.

My goal with every client and every item is that it’s an unforgettable experience for both them and us. The joy of the perfect fit, the quality of the material, the feel of the garment when on, perhaps the flash of a special lining even buttoning it up should feel special, luxurious.


“I can’t even begin to imagine how much time Dan has saved me by making our appointments at my convenience, whenever, wherever.” 

“I bought my first ever bespoke suit from Dan and frankly I will never wear another off-the-peg suit again. The Ross Carrington Bespoke look is now my personal style and it makes me look good and feel great.”

“There’s something special, almost comforting, to know that whatever I wear if it has the Ross Carrington Bespoke label in it I don’t have to worry about a thing I know I’m going to look good.”

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