Our Process

Your First Meeting

Your first appointment will always be with Dan Chumley himself. Where and when we meet will be your choice, at your convenience. If you are based in London this can usually be the next day, if you are elsewhere in the country Dan will agree a mutually convenient time and travel to you.

Dan makes several trips a year to visit clients overseas so if you live outside the UK he can often make an appointment within a couple of weeks.

At this appointment Dan will get to know you, your personal style, what particular items you are looking for and how and where you will wear them. He will then measure you taking into account your personal preferences for the fit and show you a wide selection of cloths from some of the world’s most sought after manufacturer’s such as Dugdale, Holland & Sherry and Loro Piana to name a few.

He will discuss, advise and recommend the fine details such as lining, pockets, stitching button holes and, of course, buttons!

At this point Dan will have everything he needs to prepare your garment. You just have to decide if you want to go ahead.

The First Fitting

Back at the workshop Dan will have drawn your personal pattern himself then have one of his team cut the material and piece together the garment.

Your first fitting is when you will see and wear your garment for the first time and in most cases the fit is almost perfect. Minor adjustments are made and, if on seeing the garment, you feel you want to change something a second set of measurements can be taken.

The Second Fitting

We sometimes find that a second fitting is necessary when working with a new client. It gives them more confidence in their choices and helps us make 100% certain that the fit is nothing other than perfect. We are happy if a client prefers a second, or even a third fitting, because it gives them greater confidence in their own decision and in Ross Carrington Bespoke and builds a trust and relationship which we hope will last for years to come.

The Final Adjustments

The final fitting is what it suggests, the point at which, following all previous fittings we ensure that the garment fit is perfect and both you and we are happy with the result. Even at this stage small adjustments can still be made following which our team of tailors strip down the garment, make the adjustments and it is re-sewn to the finished product ready for collection.

The Collection

Every client has a very personal approach to collecting their final garment. For some it is an important occasion and they like to involve their loved ones or family. For others it is a private occasion where they want to savour the moment themselves then introduce the item into their wardrobe and wait for the admiring comments. For many of our regular clients they have complete trust in us already and we simply personally deliver their garment to their choice of location or courier it to wherever they wish in the world.

At the end of this process we hope that the client has enjoyed it as must as we always do and that they will be back to do it again with new purchases in the future.

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